Mechanical Recycling

Tapping new material flows and developing new synthesis strategies

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In the "materials recycling" sub-project, the aim is to improve the quality of recyclates.

The targeted optimizations in materials recycling include, for example, the selective extraction for recycling of waste containing pollutants by separating contaminants and old additives, as well as the development of further material streams that were previously impossible or difficult to recycle. In order to make high-quality reuse applications possible, knowledge is being gained on the aging assessment of recyclates, and a technology is being developed for the production of adhesion promoters from a PE plastic fraction with low levels of impurities, as well as long-term stable marker systems with high information density for the labeling of plastic recyclates. Existing recycling technologies and those emerging in the lighthouse project will be evaluated in terms of material flows, energy, entropy and recycling potential.

New synthesis strategies for optimized compatibilizers for model recyclates as well as the synthesis of new aliphatic polycarbonates, including improved knowledge on the influence of phase mediators, characterization of recyclate formulations with respect to their mechanical properties and morphology, are aimed at. The effect of the new compatibilizers will be demonstrated on defined recyclate streams from Dual System Germany (DSD) material and shredder light fraction. For selected compatibilizers, an upscaling of the synthesis and compounding process to the kg scale is planned, as well as the provision of sample materials for the production of demonstrators.