Chemical recycling

Process and technology development for key areas of solvolysis, pyrolysis and gasification

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Next-generation slag bath gasification for variable fuel qualities, e.g. from waste, is being developed at the FlexiSlag test facility in Freiberg.

Within "Waste4Future", processes and technologies are being developed for key areas of solvolysis, pyrolysis and gasification technologies on a pilot and pilot scale for the material utilization of plastic fractions that cannot be recycled or residual materials from sorting. Based on an intelligent control system, these processes are balanced and evaluated with regard to the potential of selected input materials for chemical recycling. The aim is to set up a platform for processing solvolysis products and pyrolysis oils, to balance and evaluate various process options and to develop a strategy for processing pyrolysis oils from various feedstocks for direct use in petrochemical processes such as steam crackers.